Retouching and photography on Nike Airmax 720 creative.

This animation video shows the process of retouching and photography on the Nike Airmax 720 “just go bigger” creative – changing model/colourway. The elements of the original creative where textures allowed for just manipulating colour and density were kept and re-coloured. For the majority of the shoe I had to photograph the new model matching the angle and integrate this by compositing this into the existing creative. I also had to recolour and do some changes to the original background to keep it all in line with the new colourway.

The project was done for the European branch of Nike and withe the London based design agency Village Green Studio. In the end we did four different new models – three of which had to have separate photography due to different textures and materials of parts of the shoe. Village Green Studio also created a new creative which I was involved with the retouching of. Some of these will be added to my DigiSurgeon website soon.